Dr. Karen Fairfield
Chiropractor, Nutrition and Functional Medicine, TRX 
Wellness Staff
Charles Watts
massage therapy

Dr. Karen graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 2000 and has, since then, specialized in Applied Kinesiology and Clinical Nutrition.  After relocating her family from San Francisco, Dr. Karen's first office opened on Oak Island in 2001.

   Dr. Karen has always sought to solve her and her patient's  health challenges in the most natural, conservative way possible. Most recently, her approach is more geared toward combining chiropractic and functional medicine.  Using a combination of chiropractic techniques, lab testing and muscle testing, she works on supporting the most important systems of the body, looking for the underlying cause of symptoms.  

   Dr. Karen built the current location on Oak Island Drive in 2006 so she could expand her professional services and add our  gorgeous "Treehouse" TRX and yoga room.  As a brand new "empty nester", she now has to  focus all attentipn to her husband of 22 years and of course the  3 fur babies! In her spare time, Dr K enjoys playing as much tennis as possible, walking the beach, crossfit, trx, cooking, gardening, painting, photography and music. 

Charles joined Island Healing in 2018.

One of our greatest revelations in life is finding our true passions. I made this discovery back in 2016 when I began my studies in massage therapy at Miller Motte College. As a student therapist, I had the privilege of working with clients on a weekly basis who suffered from chronic pain issues, and was able to see each of them improve. Through this experience and after much research, I made the decision to seek further training after graduation in orthopedic massage. Since graduating in December 2016, I have worked in a number of different settings from spas to such events as the Ironman and Wrightsville Beach marathon. I am currently working on a master’s certification from the Center for Pain Management in orthopedic massage, and my passion is to help those who deal with pain to live pain free.  As a massage therapist my main focus is on deep tissue work and soft tissue balancing.

Lynne Morgan
RN, Licensed Acupuncturist
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Lynne is grateful to be able to share the benefit of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with you. Her passion for this medicine began when she found acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine extremely helpful in getting her through the strenuous 12 hour night shifts, while working as a nurse.  Coming from a Western Medicine Background, she didn't understand it initially, but knew that it was valuable in getting her through this time period in her life.  

Her background includes training not only in acupuncture, but in a wide array of Chinese medicine modalities. She is licensed by the state  of North Carolina, and recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  She has 33 years of nursing experience, and 16 years working as an Acupuncturist.


She has also had the pleasure of treating Veterans for 7 years at the Veterans Health Administration, working with those experiencing PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries and other serious health issues. In addition,  she worked for the the Huntsman Cancer Institute of University of Utah, assisting patients and their caregivers going through cancer treatments.  When not working, she enjoy hikes in the mountains, walks on the beach, and spending time with her pets, family and friends.

Shannon Webb
massage therapy

Shannon Webb is a new massage therapist who is excited to join the Island Healing team! She is on a journey to learn more about natural healing and self-care. She started studying Massage Therapy in 2019 and graduated in 2020 from Brunswick Community College. There she had the privilege to train with clients daily. She specializes in Swedish Massage but plans to further her training in Sports and Pre/Postnatal Massage. Her goal is to help clients with pain management, healing, and self-care.               

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Deb DeAngeles
Certified Advanced Rolfer TM
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Deb worked as a physical therapist assistant for 17 years in hospitals and rehab settings. Working with people in healthcare raised a lot of questions for her about how we move through our lives physically and emotionally. 


Her search for a path to greater physical mobility and emotional well-being led Deb to study Rolfing™ and BASE™.


In Rolfing, she started to understand that tension held in the body can lead to poor posture, low energy, or pain. After receiving her certificate from The Rolf Institute, she began her journey of bodywork as a vehicle toward change.


Deb became a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. There, Deb began to understand how overwhelm can get physiologically lodged in the nervous system. Whether it’s through a physical injury or an emotional scenario, it can play out in our lives in a number of ways. These can include chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or digestive issues. 


Through Somatic Experiencing, Deb found BASE. This stands for Bodywork and Somatic Education™. It is a hands-on work, which focuses on bringing regulation back to systems that have fallen out of balance due to physical or emotional overwhelm.


Deb believes that being human is an amazing adventure. She believes that pain-free movement is available to each of us, and that Rolfing and BASE are tools that can help bring a sense of easy, flowing mobility into everyday activities.

Amy Wallace
Nutritional Counselor/
Front Desk Staff

Amy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach offering Holistic Nutrition education and Lifestyle Coaching.   She is Certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she has training in over 100 dietary theories and a variety of coaching methods. 

Amy offers private coaching sessions, group programs, classes, seminars, shopping tours, cooking demonstrations and employee wellness programs.  She offers in-home consultations and sessions and long distance coaching.  

Her focus is helping individuals discover a healthy and happy lifestyle through diet, self care, movement and stress management.  Amy specializes in Holistic Nutrition, Self Care, Chronic Conditions, Digestive Health, Adrenal Health and Specialty Diets, especially gluten-free support.  

She is the owner of CRAVE SUPER Superfoods, a product line of healthy blends, seasonings and grinds.  Available at Island Healing. 

 Anita Black
Front Desk

Island Healing is thrilled to have Anita joining our front desk staff. She has been a patient of Dr Karen's so she warmly brings her charm and efficiency to the front desk for scheduling and taking care of all our patients/clients needs. Please reach out and let her know how she can assist you!

Island Healing is thrilled to have Debby joining our front desk staff. Debby and her husband Dan are originally from the Syracuse NY area. They lived in Raleigh NC from 2007-2017 where she was an office manager for a similar chiropractic office. They moved to Oak Island in 2017 with their two dogs and she has been a patient of Dr Karen's since even bringing her dogs to Dr. Karen for chiropractic care.
She is a dog lover and rescue advocate and loves the beach, being outdoors and fitness like running, biking, hiking as well as camping. She is excited to work at IHC and truly
cares about our clients and their health.

Debby Haberek
Front Desk