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In 2011, our office acquired the ability to ionize and share alkaline water with the Kangen water system.  This high tech system raises the PH level to the desired level at the same time adding powerful antioxidants!

Before we came across the Kangen water system, we struggled to find the “right” water for optimum health.  From the scare of plastic bottles to the unknown content of tap water, we were left wondering what was the best water to re-hydrate our bodies.  After all, our bodies are 70% water!

Now we feel confident that we can offer you a great choice for your health.  When you come in, we encourage you to try it for yourself   The water cooler is always filled with the alkaline water, so after your pampering at Island Healing, you can refresh with the best.  Better yet, we welcome you to bring in your own containers and try it at home for a couple of weeks.  If you like it, and we are pretty sure you will, you can either get a machine of your own or use ours for a monthly donation.


The SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) consists mainly of meats, potatoes, grains, coffee, alcohol, colas, sugar, artificial sweeteners and even medicines.  All of these things are highly acidic and cause our bodies to become inflamed and prone to disease, pain and injury.

Ideally we would balance this out by decreasing the acidic foods and eating mostly alkaline foods which include leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, whole grain brown rice and lentils.

The Kangen water is a great support to help balance out the acidity level in our bodies.  Combined with eating more alkaline foods, disease, pain and injury can e kept at bay!

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