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Self Care During Isolation

I know that many of you have had to put your regular massages on hold during this time of isolation.  The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do at home to ease those aches and pains from binge watching Netflix or being out of your routine.  Top on my list would be stretching.  Stretching in the morning can help relieve tension from sleeping the night before and prepare your body for the day ahead.  While stretching before bed can help you wind down, relaxing the body which may allow for better sleep. Long sustained stretches lasting 3-5 mins will address the deeper tissue layers like tendons, ligaments and fascia. Check out our self care advice from the Island Healing family for great ways to stretch at home. We have included videos and even some stick figure poses to help you navigate your stretches.

Next is self massage.  My go to is a racket ball but we have "Pinky" balls and lacrosse balls (much harder) in our office for sale or you can use a readily available tennis ball. Laying on it on the floor and  placing the ball in a “hot spot” and either rolling on it or just allowing gravity to let the ball sink into the muscle can do wonders for those hard to reach h places on your back or other areas of tension in the body. 

Check out our Self Care page on our website for placement ideas...

We also have the Pure Wave Massager in stock!

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Last but not least is a hot bath.  This is great for soothing muscle tension and creating a overall feeling of relaxation. Adding essential oils can enhance this experience as well as Epsom salt (adults use 2 cups of Epsom salt per gallon of warm water) or apple cider vinegar. Add your favorite music and you’re all set to self isolate. 

John Arms LMBT #17123

Island Healing Chiropractic Center


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