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Dealing with Tradgedy and the stress of Modern Life

“Life itself hands us difficult things…As human beings we really not all that evolved yet so we are going to keep having difficult things to deal with”

-Barbara Fairfield

As our practice is mostly dealing with physical ailments, the mind body connection can sometimes get ignored in light of painful conditions. There has been much written about how much what you think is correlated to how you feel so if you have any kind of chronic pain, I urge you to look into the emotions that may play into not just the current, but past un-delt with traumas. Especially if you are a parent, I urge you to watch this talk. After the most recent horrible events taking place in our country, we must focus on taking care of the people in our lives and making sure that they are OK and this talk will help give you the tools to do that. We need to do more to heal our brains and our bodies! Let me know what you think! (Yup, that’s my very talented and well respected mother!) - Dr K

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