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Personalized Nutrition via Basic Bloodwork

If you go to a physician on a regular basis, you probably have a blood work-up to check and see that all is well. The fact is, most physicians look only for an H or an L (high or low) value and see if it is a number that is a treatable (usually by pharmaceuticals) condition.

Most commonly a quick look will yield a concern over blood sugar or cholesterol…but what do all those other values mean? And do they deserve a closer look?

Functional medicine means looking with ranges that are for optimal function…before dis-ease turns into an actual disease. When blood sugar is on the rise…not just when you went over a number…when systems are taxed but not untreatable by natural means.

Supplements can be recommended for specific deficiencies or patterns that are developing and make sure other lifestyle factors are not in play. This journey is part of one in which you absolutely have control over how well you age. Our lifestyles eventually catch up to us…we are a gradual process. Bottom line is this: on any given day we are either fueling our bodies properly with chemical, emotional and physical goodness OR tearing it down with bad foods, bad thoughts or over OR under use of our bodies!

Please let us help you. If you have current bloodwork (within the last 6 months), we can start there. It is often incomplete, however, so Island Healing Chiropractic also has access to a NON-insurance option in which we will send you for bloodwork through LabCorp. This option allows us to look at many more markers than usually are tested for routinely, including a full Thyroid panel and full Iron testing which is rarely done unless a patient is extremely ill. These are systems in which everyday annoyances like fatigue or allergies may be extremely responsive to attending.

Comprehensive Bio Screen: $325.00

This is Principal Lab's most comprehensive panel, encompassing numerous markers to help evaluate your health status. The following is a list of key areas covered in this panel:

  • Blood sugar analysis

  • Cardiovascular analysis

  • Infection analysis

  • Electrolyte analysis

  • Anemia analysis

  • Thyroid analysis

  • Lipid analysis

  • Liver & Biliary analysis

  • Urinalysis

The thyroid section in this panel is carefully selected to reveal certain essential mechanisms that may be important for proper thyroid hormone synthesis and function. This unique panel gives an unprecedented perspective to the various biosystems with expanded markers pertaining to thyroid physiology.

Lab Interpretation: $85.00


Contact our office at 910-278-5877 to schedule an appointment today!

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