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Dr.  Karen, Hope you are doing well.

You helped fix my back back a few months ago. It has been doing great and I do the stretching regularly. My problem is long car trips. We drive

up to Maryland about once a month to visit our grandchildren and it is murder on my back. I use cruise control so I avoid using too much gas but it doesn't help. Any suggestions?

Thanks, R.L.

Dear R.L.,

I would suggest you look at a couple styles of

seat supports you could use...

one is a wedge that has a little cutout for your tailbone and one is a straight up lumbar support...

one or the other may be helpful...

something like this

(I have never used this brand before but I wanted you to have a picture).


Get out of the car and walk around every hour...

I know it’s a pain but just drink a lot of water so your discs stay hydrated AND you have to stop that often!! 

Having a foam roller and a massager to use once you get to your destination is something I do on all my trips...

we have a few foam roller videos on our web site!

You can find those here...

Load up on Turmeric (or another natural anti-inflammatory) a few days before and during your trip (we have some at the office)

...and OF COURSE have a Chiro appointment or massage therapy session before you leave and for sure make certain you have an appointment scheduled when you come back! 

Thanks for reaching out!!

Dr. K

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