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Now IN STOCK...Best Water Filter...for our Water Problems

If you live in Brunswick County, NC then you probably have heard the news...we have a serious water problem. PFAS are toxic chemicals, (including GENX click this link) that don't break down but accumulate in the environment and cause adverse human health effects.

Please read THIS ARTICLE LINK for the details on the study that detected Brunswick County at #1 out of 31 states tested (Wilmington was #4)!

Crazy right?

LOOK at this list of health risks associated with these chemicals:

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are at even more risk than ever due to the lax regulations and the idea that currently the industry must "self-regulate". Please READ THIS ARTICLE.

There is no better time to be protecting your health and the health of your family!

THE SOLUTION: Hydroviv Water Filter:

(Undersink, Shower &

Refrigerator Filters available)

Hydroviv is CUSTOMIZED


That's will take out the PFAS (including genx) as well as other contaminants found particularly in our water supply and without reverse osmosis. What does this mean for you? That there is an affordable, effective, easy to install, non-water wasting way to address this health crisis.

How much?

Under sink unit: $279.00

Refrigerator unit: $279.00

Shower unit: $89.00

(cartridges replaced 2 times per year at $55.00/$34.00)

Available at Island Healing, we have several units in stock!

Please call for pick up 910-278-5877

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