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Did you know we adjust dogs?

This is Vice. He has the sweetest little pity mix rescue that you’ll ever meet and he loves his adjustments. Vice came in with severe leg weakness, his owner carting his bottom half and a sling. 30 minutes later that dog walked out under its own strength!! This is the power of chiropractic! Now this doesn’t happen every single time, sometimes it takes a couple of adjustments to see changes, but we can help your animals, your other kids, your family members! We adjust geriatric dogs like Vice, puppies that fell down the stairs and all the is always worth considwring conservative treatment for those we love before jumping into risky surgery or long term drug treatment isn’t it? We practice a simple, safe (and less scary for your pup) form of manipulation that involves instrument adjusting and cold laser called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. If you need help with your furry friend, please contact us for your appointment today!!

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