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Could a simple urine test change your life?


If you haven’t heard of an Organic Acids Test (OAT) and you have any of the following health challenges then this test may be what you are looking for:

*digestive symptoms

*neurological symptoms

*chronic fatigue


*ADD or Autism


*chronic sinus infections

*chronic headaches or migraines

*memory or brain fog

*depression or mental problems

*inflammatory conditions

*unexplained pain or symptoms

The OAT provides an accurate metabolic snapshot offering markers for yeast, bacteria, mold exposure! It also provides information on vitamin status, neurotransmitters, glutathione status, oxylate metabolism and much more. These markers are NOT all found on common blood screens and can tell you about how well your body is making energy, making brain chemicals and antioxidants...all things that are important to optimal health and feeling great every single day!

Just take mold as an example...just a simple marker for high levels of exposure to Aspergillus, a common mold found in homes and on foods, could be the key to finally being done with all those allergy medications or the solution to daily depression. Molds and mycotoxins are a major cause of many chronic illnesses in that these toxins target organs such as the liver, kidney and brain and suppress our own immune systems. The best thing about knowing that mold (or yeast, or bacteria or any of these urine metabolites) is present on your OAT is that we can find the most natural and safest way to treat and mitigate the symptoms that you have without guesswork.

Introductory Offer!

During February and March we are offering the OAT (Organic Acid Test) for $399.00

(Regular lab fee is $475.00)

Interpretation Appointment not included.

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