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Corona Virus Protocol from Dr. Karen

Dear Island Healing Friends and Family,

​As the first (yet unconfirmed by the CDC as of the writing of this letter) case of corona virus has been identified in Brunswick County, we wanted to reach out and assure you all that our office and staff are taking as many precautions as we can to keep you safe and provide a clean environment for relaxation and stress reduction. As of today, we are still operating as normal and holding all classes. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep abreast of all information being disseminated by the CDC and Brunswick County Health Department.

​We are focusing on maintaining a clean environment and disinfecting any surfaces that are laid on, touched, shared etc. frequently throughout the day. We are all focused on our own health and well-being and hope that you do the same. If you have any symptoms of fever, body aches or cough- please STAY HOME! Also, it goes without saying, if you have come in contact with someone with the corona virus, or even symptomatic but unconfirmed, please also refrain from coming to the office. We are temporarily amending our cancellation policy for illness and will allow less than 24 hour notice for those who feel compromised!

​In addition to all the preventative steps that have been impressed upon the public by the media (i.e. Hand washing, avoiding contact etc), we want to provide you with some ideas to keep you healthy from the inside out!

1. Diet. Most important is to maintain a clean diet during this time. Many people turn to “comfort foods” and considering we will be spending more time at home, we need to be aware and conscious about eating. As we always recommend regardless of outside threats, an anti-inflammatory diet of whole foods based around a variety of mainly vegetables, some fruits and healthy proteins. Use this time to assess your own food habits. Limiting Sugar and Carbohydrates during this time is extremely important as elevation of glucose levels in your bloodstream leads to 6 hours of reduced immunity and this opens yourself to the ability of contracting illness! Oh yeah, and we know some will want to stay home and try to relax with alcoholic beverages but this should be avoided as well in order to keep your immunity in tip-top shape! Taking quality vitamins is important also (see list below)

2. Sleep. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting enough sleep every night. Sleep is how your body repairs itself and boosts your immune system. Figure out ways to get as much sleep as you need (generally 7-8 hours) and if you have trouble sleeping, consider working on a nightly routine that does not involve electronic stimulation, bright lights or stressful activities. I’m not going to list them here but we have many natural sleep aids at the office if you need some help in this area.

3. Stress. This is going to be of the highest priority due to the amount of hype and hysteria that seems to be accompanying this outbreak. Try not to watch the news often and if you need info, visit the health department website or CDC website. Keep coming to yoga and exercise classes as long as you are healthy…I promise that the rewards outweigh the risks! Take walks outside and get fresh air and sunlight! Do things that make you happy and keep your pets close for comfort! Watch funny movies, not stressful ones and laugh as much as possible! Practice Yoga or Meditation (maybe it is finally time to learn how). And lastly, support your adrenals (secrete all of your stress hormones) with a good quality Adrenal supplement (see list below)

The biggest question we are getting right now is what should we be taking extra during this time to support our bodies. The following supplements may be considered, choose at least one from each category:

1) Antioxidants: During times of stress, our bodies are depleted of our most basic defense system, our antioxidants which keep cells from being damaged. The following are well know antioxidants that you should consider increasing during this time

- Glutathione: we carry the #1 antioxidant in the body in a couple of ​​forms. The most potent is our liquid Trisomal Glutathione. We also have A-C Glutathione in capsule form and we have Glutathione Recycler, a combo product which helps to recycle the glutathione that you already have (contains NAC and other immune boosting mushrooms and substances)

​-Vitamin C: The most well know antioxidant and very safe in high doses to boost immune system function.

​-Vitamin A: Also so important in immune system function yet underutilized due to bad publicity, comes in tablet and liquid forms and should only be high dosed for short time periods due to the fact that it can build up in your body…but now is the perfect time to boost!

2) Stress and Adrenal Support: as we explained earlier, the stress (fight or flight) system is taxed during this time, just keeping stress down and sugar out of the diet are probably the top 2 things that you can do for your immunity.

​-Vitamin D3: produced by the body in response to sunlight, so deficient in our current society and so important in modulating immune cell response. We may not absorb it as well while under stress either, so it’s crucial to get your numbers to optimal levels.

​-Adaptan-All: combo product of nutritional and herbal adaptogens (for up or down regulation) for the acute stressed out person.

​-DSF: combo product of nutritional and herbal support from the adrenals for the person that already has long term stress issues that has caused exhaustion or fatigue

​-Drenamin: Whole food support for the adrenals

​-garlic, ginger, ginseng, rhodiola, ginkgo

3) Anti-Inflammatory and General Immune Support: although the inflammatory system is vital to our immune response to injury and infection, it can be damaging if it is prolonged or is occurring where it is not needed. If you have any underlying conditions currently such as cardiac issues, respiratory problems or diabetes then you should be on natural anti-inflammatories as your immune system is already compromised by that fact.

​-Turmeric: Most potent anti-inflammatory and the liquid form that we carry is more absorbable than most tablets but we do carry it in that form as well.

​-Congaplex: Whole food immune support for, one of our best sellers of all time

​-Echinacea Complex: Herbal immune support


​(Ginger, garlic, rosemary, oregano, olive leaf, thyme, green tea and omega-3s also come to mind)

4) Anti-Virals: Especially important to load up when you have contracted an illness but can be good for prevention as well.

​-V-RX: It has been difficult to keep on our shelf because this is a best seller even in our usual flu season. Combo product targeted against killing virus’.

​-Andogaphis Complex: Anti viral, anti-bacterial herbal combo product

-Elderberry: Currently we are not carrying this but Inergy Market does and it is a high antioxidant containing substance and well known to have a positive effect on cold and flu symptoms

If you also have underlying conditions consider:

Respiratory: Emphaplex, Brochafect

Cardiac: Cardio Plus, Hawthorne

Diabetes: Berberine, Diaplex

Digestive: Probiotic, Enzymes

AND MOST IMPORTANT! Remember that we are here for you, as a resource and maybe more importantly as your tribe (special thank you to Micki Beach and my staff for cultivating this sentiment)

Yours in Health and Healing,

Dr. Karen and Island Healing Chiropractic

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