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Dr. Karen Fairfield has put together the most talented team of wellness professionals to coach you in your natural healthcare journey.  We have drugless solutions to many chronic problems as well as the tools to help you prevent and optimize your health and well being.  We want you to live a quality life for the rest of your life!


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Would you like to learn how massage therapy can assist with your 21 Day Detoxification? Click below to read more...

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Massage Offerings: 

Did you know adding massage therapy to your prenatal care routine can help address your specific pregnancy needs? Agnes has gained her Pre/Post Natal Massage Certification and is skilled in relieving any discomforts that may arise while you wait for that little bundle of joy. Massage can soothe nerves and relieve your strained back and leg muscles by stimulating soft tissue to reduce edema (swelling of the joints) during pregnancy. Is the extra weight putting a strain on your low back, sciatic nerve and legs? Agnes will utilize pillows and bolstering techniques to provide the support and cushioning your body needs to fully relax and address your specific needs. You can schedule your appointment with Agnes on Saturdays!

Photo Source: www.massageservices.com.sg

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Chiropractic and Massage appointments are available for additional hours outside of when the front desk is available.  For Fitness class times, please see the calendar!

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