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Text neck? Is it a real thing?

Oh, you bet it is! I would venture to say that it is the most common cause of chronic neck pain and soreness... I treat it on a daily basis! It isn’t just the texting, it is any activity in which a lot of looking downward is involved but just go out into public and check out those necks looking at smartphones, e-readers, iPads or tablets. When your neck is in a constantly flexed position, the deep muscles of the neck will have excessive amounts of tension placed on them causing pain in the neck, head and shoulder. Headaches also can be the result of this stress. About 6 times as much force on the muscles of the neck are added in these awkward positions and if left untreated, can lead to inflammation of the neck ligaments, nerve irritation and changes in the actual curvature of the spine making it a permanent problem!

What can you do?

First, being aware of your posture will make a big difference. Small changes like raising your computer monitor or modifying your favorite recliner pillow that pushes your head forward will change the pressure.

Second, come on in! Chiropractic and Massage Therapy are key to fixing

this condition. Joint mobilization, postural correction exercises and manual muscle work are some of the many techniques that we will use depending on what we confirm as your diagnosis. Call today for an appointment! 910-278-5877

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