"There is a yoga for EVERY BODY"

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Certified as an E-RYT, YWT & SUPY, Micki Beach leads various group yoga classes as well as offers private sessions within her RYS, Tree of Life Yoga Studio.

Her classes incorporate prop instruction in which she encourages her students to utilize our studio's plentiful props (free for use). All of our studio classes encourage exploration, questions and lots of interaction and pose instruction.

Micki doesn't simply lead a class, calling out postures that you are expected to know and follow. She gives step by step anatomical cueing, moves about the room as she demonstrates poses, and encourages expansion through gentle touch and assists when needed.  

Drop In Class Fee: $15

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Retreat Focus
Our Tribe
Smudge Stick Creations
Micki Beach, E-RYT
Our Tribe!
Welcome and Blessing
Love My Tribe!
Beach Yoga
Gifts from the Sea
Our "Toolboxes"
Welcome Treats and Wine
The Natural Home Workshop
The Five Shells
Blooming Tea
Eisha, Jini & Terry
Triple Down Dog
Kim in Partner Yoga
Partner Breathwork
Micki & Eisha Double Down Dog
Partner Yoga Healing
Laughing and Play (Partner Yoga)
Lunch at Shagger Jacks
Mala Bead Creation
Jini & Teresa
Mala Bead Creation
Mishanda & Gina
Smudge Stick Blessings
Lizard on a Log
Double Boat
Tree Play
Three Cups of Tea
Kathy Deep in Tangling
Zentangle Practice- Kim
Tangle Time: Terry, Eisha & Sherree
Zentagle Meditations: Carol
Self Care Techniques
Warrior Power
Healing & Renewal
Gifts from the Sea Agenda

Our Gifts from the Sea Yoga Retreat was an amazing & healing renewal!

If you missed the October retreat be sure to join us May 13-16th 2021. Please reach out to Micki at if you are interested.