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Prevention & Rehabilitation


Not sure what you want to put here...


Maybe upper back is comprised of.....(muscles)

Maybe put diagnosis info here....?

I love these anatomy photos by Da Vinci....what do you think?

Foam Rolling

Maybe put a picture of the foam roller technique here with and explanation in writing...?

the pics i put here we just grabbed from online for effect. No idea if they are licensed but I think we can take our own photos and make something like this....

Self Massage Techniques

Do you want to add details of how to use the balls and maybe even ask Charles and Jane for their input here for manual massage

Strength & Stretch

Begin on all fours with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Round the spine up then release the belly down. Lower to the flor and press into the hands as you roll your shoulders back. Lower again to the floor and straighten the arms while you turn your toes under then pressing into the hands , lift the knees off the floor. 

Repeat as many times as you wish. 

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