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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

People don’t usually consider chiropractic immediately for pregnant women though it could be the missing ingredient for a healthy pregnancy and quicker, easier labor! I have 2 pregnant women in my practice right now and it is always the best feeling to help them be more comfortable. I also am there to advise them on pregnancy nutrition and help guide them through other lifestyle and health decisions they may need to make.

Pregnancy is tough on the mother‘s body for a few reasons. First, the extra weight in the front causes increased lumbar lordosis and compression of the joints of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints which means more pressure on the low back, hips, knees and feet..all of these physical changes can be soothed with chiropractic adjustment. Referred pain from traction and pressure on other organs also cause pain. Increase of hormones such as estrogen , progesterone and relaxin will cause more pelvic instability as well, making it easier to have joint dysfunction. Also, the ligamentous laxity brought on by pregnancy often makes adjusting comparatively easy using the gentlest of movements so it is quite gentle for mom. By providing motion to the joints and fixing muscle dysfunction, we can help ease the transition and help symptoms commonly expressed during this time such as low back pain, sciatica, round ligament pain, carpel tunnel, headaches etc. Proper pelvic alignment will help with pain and tension as well as making it easier for the fetus to have enough room to grow and develop properly. This enables the baby move into perfect position fo delivery making it less likely that a mom will have a breach baby or have to go through a c-section. Studies show that moms under chiro care have 30% less labor time and a more positive outcome..and who doesn’t want that?? It also means that there is a less likelihood of neurologic or physiological problems with the baby as associated with a more traumatic delivery. After delivery, rehabilitative exercises should be used for weakened spinal and abdominal muscles. Continued chiropractic care will also be beneficial in assisting proper restoration of normal spinal biomechanics. Good luck to all you new moms out there! Life will never be the same...I know!!

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