Functional Medicine and Lab Testing

Functional Medicine is a  proven method of analyzing your blood work for patterns of dysfunction.  Specific nutritional treatment is determined from this analysis.  That’s right, nutritional treatment is tailored to your needs by using your blood work (and other tests).  By interpreting your tests rather than just going off of traditional high and low lab values , it is possible to optimize your health and  help even chronic conditions.  Who wouldn’t want more energy and vitality, better sleep, less pain or lowered cholesterol and so much more? This work and the products we use are backed by the latest research.  There are hundreds of scientific studies done every year that continually provide us with the knowledge to make the best choices for you.  We want to get you better…faster. Most blood work ordered today is limited to a very basic number of tests because of insurance restrictions.  We go beyond these limitations by ordering comprehensive studies and matching those findings with your history, questionnaires and exam findings to determine the best advice for you.

We also recommend high quality tested supplements so that you are getting what you need and purchase! 

Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit

Holistic Nutrition

Self Care

Life Coaching

Digestive Health

Specialty Diets/Gluten-free


  • Valuable tools to help transform your life.

  • We will focus on how and what you feed your body.  Learning about whole and real food nutrition and making better choices. 

  • We will focus on accountability, positivity and making lasting change in your life through diet, self care, movement, lifestyle and stress management.  


INDIVIDUAL COACHING RATES AND SERVICES                                        

90 minute initial health history and first session - $75

60 minute session - $65

30 minute session or check-in - $45

Travel sessions (Wilmington, Leland, Shallotte) - $85

Session rates include e-mail correspondence between sessions

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Guided Grocery Store Tour                                                                     

2 hours     $85

You don’t have to stop enjoying your favorite foods, just swap them! All foods have healthier options.  This tour focuses on swapping out YOUR favorite foods with the healthier options.  A guided tour will provide the most education in the shortest amount of time. 


Group Shopping Tours

( 2-3 people)    


2 hours    $30-$45/person

Get a few friends together for this one and save money.  Group tours are $90 and have a 3 person maximum. Rates are higher because of follow up.  Specific resources are sent out to each person, if needed and follow up e-mail correspondence.


In-Home Kitchen Sweeps     


2 hours     $135

I will come to your home and review your pantry and fridge items.  We will focus on which foods to keep,which  foods to change out and which foods to add in.  I will explain the importance of each item so you can make better choices in the future.  You will learn about new foods, new ingredients and all about label reading.  I will share with you quick cooking techniques, recipe ideas and cooking tips. 


In-Home Food Demonstrations   


2 hours       $155

Want to learn how to make quick meals, smoothies, healthy snacks or get healthier ingredients into your families meals?  I will come to your home and demonstrate a few simple dishes, smoothies or snacks - you choose what you need. Some ingredients provided.  


Healthy Food Makeover Packages*     


Guided Grocery Tour & Pantry Sweep 


2, 2 hour sessions   $185

Guided Grocery Tour & Cooking Demo     


2, 2 hour sessions   $195


Mini Pantry Sweep & Cooking Demo      


3 hour session  $225

Guided Grocery Tour + Mini Pantry Sweep & Cooking Demo                           


2 hour + 3 hour session   $285


Must be a current client for Kitchen Makeover Packages.

Not a current client?  No problem, we just need to meet so I can get to know your specific health and dietary needs.  

We know 80% of all chronic disease are related to diet and lifestyle.